Crossing the Network Operations Chasm

The advent of large-scale data centers, cloud applications, and high speed network infrastructure implies a more complex computing environment and more critical dependency on the network. As the volume, speed, and complexity of network traffic are drastically increasing, it necessitates scalable and agile performance monitoring, optimization, and trouble-shooting. cPacket’s disruptive technology addresses these emerging needs.

cPacket delivers the first network performance monitoring solution, which integrates broad situational awareness with interactive search (grep) across the entire network environment. It combines granular analytics, proactive alerts, and distributed real-time search based on pattern matching. Operators can quickly pinpoint and resolve issues like performance bottlenecks and intermittent network and applications misbehavior.

Instead of wasting time and resources collecting unusable data, operators can now have broad situational awareness with search-based access to critical data, from anywhere in the network, in real time. cPacket’s distributed approach is in contrast to the older monitoring solutions, which were designed decades ago and were not conceived to handle complex problems in large-scale data centers and high-speed networks. This outdated architecture aims to aggregate all the traffic and analyze it after-the-fact in a central location. By definition after-the-fact processing is not proactive, and the centralized traffic aggregation is an inherent “bottleneck by design” for rapidly increasing volume and speed of traffic.The deficiencies of the legacy architecture lead to lower operational agility, restricted visibility, and slower response to situations that require corrective actions.

cPacket’s unique solution alleviates the inherent bottlenecks in legacy monitoring approaches, delivers operational agility with real-time visibility, and addresses the growing need for more efficient network operations.

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